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Helpful Information

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Please find below a list of helpful information.

Majors Creek Progress Association Inc.
[email protected]

President Chris James
Secretary Sarah Waters
Treasurer Donna Blowes 
Auditor    Brian McDonald

Newsletter  Brian McDonald 48461157


Majors Creek Recreation Reserve Trust

President Rudolph Stachow 0418 546 396
Secretary/Treasurer Brian McDonald 48461 157

[email protected]

Trust Members...
Peter Gillespie 48461 147
Gordon waters 0422 921 269
Steven Waters - Maintenance Manager 0427 422 825
Craig Willoughby - Groundsman 0439 469 710
Brian James 0429 461 567

RFS committee 

Note that all fires are to be reported on 000.

President  - Peter Malone
Vice President - Louisa Ison
Secretary - Kerry Malone
Treasurer - Chris James

Captain - Greg Ison
Deputy Captains - Greg Beardmore
                                - Phil Cram
                                - Damien Bigg

Training officer - Greg Beardmore
Equipment Officer - Greg Ison
Fire Risk Board Operator - Kerry Malone

For all residents, if you have not already done so. See Greg Beardmore to get your basic training done.

Please remember before lighting that pile burn, let you neighbours know, maybe the local Fire Captain and Fire Control. That way the Brigade does not get called out for a smoke sighting.

Fire Control can be reached on 6297 1840


St Stephens Anglican Church

Monthly services are held on the first Sunday of each month at 11-00am (or advised otherwise) and Christmas Day at 7-30am and Easter Sunday 7-30am.


Majors Creek Landcare Group Inc.

President Randell Lemin
Secretary  Karis Muller
Treasurer Brian Sanderson
Public Officer Sandra Hand

Majors Creek Country Womens Association

President Linda Harrison 48461144
Secretary Marjorie Lemin 48461243
Treasurer Deirdre McDonald 48461157

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