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August 2015

19/08 - Councils let down by ‘expert’ report says Unity Mining

Following the release of the consultants report into the modifications proposed for the Dargues Gold Mine at Majors Creek, which was commissioned by Palerang and Eurobodalla Shire councils, Unity Mining released the following statement this morning. 

"Unity Mining has suggested that the GHD draft report analysing the Environmental Assessment (EA) for the proposed Dargues Gold Mine is so biased that it should be ignored by both the Palerang and Eurobodalla Councils."

18/08 - DRAFT report from the consultant hired by Palerang and Eurobodalla to look into the Modifications

The draft report from the Consultant is out on the proposed modification to the Dargues Reef Mine. Very interesting reading..... It would appear that Unity Mining have a lot more work to do to their Environmental Assessment. Many of the risks have not been adequately addressed and proposed mitigation measures have not even been mentioned.......


See attached report.

14/08 - EPA's heartbreaking tragedy

Tragic news on the weekend in Colorado, US, with the polluting of the Animas River. It’s perhaps made more tragic by the fact the breech was made by American EPA officers investigating an issue.It is indeed heart-breaking for those who rely on the river.

However, it’s worth looking at the fundamental differences between the Gold King mine in Colorado and our proposal near Majors Creek. Read more at the link below.

A gold mine closed since 1923.

The US EPA carrying out works make a mistake and breech a dam that hasn’t been in use for nearly a hundred years………..

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